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INKY INKY Bristol Goodness

2011Posted by Lainey Tue, March 29, 2011 23:16:40

I actually loaded up these images a long time ago, but only typing up about it today (5th May 2011) ! terrible I know but it was such a massive photo entry that I had to properly sit down and write about the wonderful:

INKYGOODNESS Bristol Totem Tour! (

Firstly, met my friend Ifti who has his own graphic design company called The Definitive Design Co.. Magically we managed to get the same train as Kate Hindley, one of my friends from Foundation and also one of the artists involved in the Bristol Totem Tour! She is an amazing illustrator, even 'back in the day' - give her a follow on twitter:!/hindleyillos

I've never been to Bristol before so excited to see what is happening there, what thew design/art scene is like etc. So whilst Kate got ready for the painting of totems, Ifti and I went to explore Bristol and came across some interesting scenes.

Below: Some graffiti/wall art that caught my eye. Especially the fact that they were saying 'SAFE' reminded me of Birmingham.

After a gander around at the Arnolfini Gallery, which was showcasing the work of Cosima von Bonin and Neil Cummings and after I purchased yet another book called 'Aranzi Cute Stuff'. we wandered over to 'Start The Bus'. It was such a lovely setting and something that I feel is missing in Birmingham. More of an alternative place to sit and chat, eat and chill out. It has some amazing art work on the walls and here is a little shot of something that was under the staircase:

Definitely worth a visit if you're in Bristol.

Then on the way back to the Tobacco Factory, where the Totem Tour was taking place, walked past some more wall art. It is a bit freaky if you stare at it for a while but I quite liked it at the same time.

Kate, Ifti and me had a little tea break at the back of the Tobacco Factory and this little creature was having a little snooze next to us! TOO CUTE and SOOOO FLUFFY.

Back inside, the lunch time kicked in and it was very busy.

Here are some photos I took during the day of the selected artists:

Kate Hindley (Obviously) Twitter:!/hindleyillos

Hannah Baber Twitter:!/Hannah_Baber

Seb Burnett Twitter: Not 100% sure but it might be this one:!/BertramFiddle (Someone correct me if I am wrong, but even if it isn't, this Betram Fiddle is worth a follow :))

Tim Miness Twitter:!/timminess

Ben Steers Twitter:!/BenSteers

Log Roper Twitter: Can't find one for this artist...

Lisa Hassell Twitter:!/lisahassell

All the photos were taken by myself either on my digital camera or by my phone.

Below: Ben Steers and Log Roper at the back

Below: Ben Steers, Tim Miness and Lisa Hassell

Below: The wonderful Kate Hindley and friend

Below: Tim Miness and Seb Burnett in the blue shirt and Hannah Baber in the red

It was a really good event to be at and to see the artists in action was amazing. I met the lovely people of Inkygoodness and had a very good day trip to Bristol.

To see the completed totems and find out more about these wonderful events and artists, then make sure you have a browse of the Inkygoodness site: and also the artists (Links above)

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