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minirice [ graphic design & illustration ]

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My website is having a makeover, 2 years overdue.

Please be patient, I will be adding photos of my old uni work and current illustrations !

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I have also decided that I will only be posting my work, artist spotlights and work that I find inspirational, rather than exhibitions, things that I have been to and other art related news.

Sad News - Closure of We Are Birmingham Shop

2011Posted by Lainey Tue, June 28, 2011 11:57:39
Read the full story here:

It saddens me that this had to happen, as this is the sort of independent art retailer I think Birmingham lacks. It supported graduates, freelancers and people who were just being creative for a hobby.

Sadly, even though they had a lot of support, they had to close the store due to lack of funding etc and sadly have gone into administration.

It shouldn't be seen as a sad thing though, as it just shows what creative people we have in Birmingham and highlights what exposure we need from the council etc.

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