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minirice [ graphic design & illustration ]

What's happening?

My website is having a makeover, 2 years overdue.

Please be patient, I will be adding photos of my old uni work and current illustrations !

Follow me on twitter (@minirice_uk) or check out my Facebook 'Like' page, which currently houses some of my illustration work or check out my twitpic account for up-to-date images.

I have also decided that I will only be posting my work, artist spotlights and work that I find inspirational, rather than exhibitions, things that I have been to and other art related news.

October 2011

Artist SpotlightPosted by Lainey Sun, October 30, 2011 21:13:20

Let me introduce you to the amazing Laura Manfre, who I discovered after she started following me on Twitter. Her work instantly caught my eye and I was in total awe, as you will see, the detail and care that has gone into the pieces is unmistakable. The work is fun, bright and even though some of the objects are the same, it looks like everything has been individually created.



Have you always been interested in illustration?

When I was a kid I used to read a lot of books and I especially loved their illustrations. I remember it was the first job I wanted to do!

When did you first start to define your 'style'? or do you think you don't have a certain 'style'?

I would like to believe I've got a certain style... But I too much love to experiment! Recently I've been rebuilding my portfolio, it was quite hard to say "good-bye" to my old work but I really enjoy what I'm doing now!

What has been the highlight of your illustration career so far?

I don't know if we can talk about a career, but I would say that designing the flyer for the Norwich Fashion Week was one of the best moments I've had!

Above: 'Collection' (Courtesy of Laura Manfre)

What is your favourite tool to work with/in?

My hot pressed watercolor paper! I've been spoilt by it, I can't work with anything else!

Is there a certain illustrator etc that you would like to work with? Tell me all...!

There are many illustrators I admire... Mary Blair, Art Seiden, Alain Gree... but from the modern world, I would say Caitlin Shearer.

She is so talented, her work fascinates me!

What event in your life would you say is most inspiring?

I'm inspired by my every day. The city, a movie, my photography... there's a shop in Norwich called "Looses" it's full of vintage ephemera. I can browse there for hours, taking pictures... I know at the end I'll have an idea for a painting!

Below: 'Love Heart Pattern' (Courtesy of Laura Manfre)

What colour crayon would you be any why?

Pink, I love bubble gum!

Last but not least, pen or pencil? and why !

Pencil, because I can erase my mistakes!

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